A triple decker is a three-story apartment building where each floor typically consists of a single apartment. They were built in the Northeast, USA and usually housed working class people. We are a press dedicated to the work and ideas of people who value community. Even when there are floorboards between us, sharing our stories unites us under one roof. We invite you to join us as we fill Triple Decker Press with your new neighbors.

TDP’s first publication is the novel Pigeon Mothers by Marty Correia.

Pigeon Mothers is by turns heartbreaking, bleakly funny and rich with humanity. This is the literary novel for readers who embrace life’s grit.

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Hi. I’m Marty Correia, the author of Pigeon Mothers. This literary novel is the story of a daughter’s struggle after her father’s death leaves her with two desperate mothers: one who raised her and one who gave her up for adoption.

Set in 1986 in Bridgeport, CT and Coney Island, NY, this story is rich in dark humor and unexpected histories. This project took me to New England cemeteries, crumbling factories, dank basements and attics, museums, hot dog stands, churches, circuses, offset printing shops, senior public housing and abandoned spaces in Bridgeport, Scranton, Newark and Coney Island.

Born and raised in post-industrial Worcester, Massachusetts, I transcribe the working poor’s dialects and attitudes through their cadences, tensions, swaggers, shuffles, and the scents, sounds and litter of their cities. The book’s characters and details were informed by my childhood in public housing projects and Section 8 housing where I survived on rock and roll, blocks of yellow welfare cheese and Hydrox cookies bought with food stamps.

In tenth grade, I dropped out of high school, passed the GED and moved out of an abusive home. After getting by as a taxi driver, service station attendant, Easter Bunny, candle factory worker, and phone sex operator, I have worked a steady union job since 2006 while earning an MFA in fiction and writing Pigeon Mothers.

At NYU’s creative writing MFA program, I caught the attention of acclaimed author E.L. Doctorow. As my advisor and mentor, Doctorow appreciated my voice and complex characters. A few months before his death he insisted that I finish this book and get it out into the world.

My next writing project is the genderqueer memoir, Dear Dead Dad.

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